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The Novel

Hailed  in advance of publication as “The Da Vinci Code of Vincent van Gogh,” the long-awaited new book by award-winning journalist and bestselling novelist William Arnold (Shadowland, China Gate) is the story of a blacklisted American screenwriter in 1955 Paris who stumbles upon a plot by the French government to suppress evidence challenging the 1890 suicide of the world’s most iconic artist. Nearly three decades in the making,, this epic detective saga mixes sweeping action with a universe of mindboggling new historical information to create a compulsively readable and game-changing vision of the cold case Vanity Fair calls “art’s greatest mystery.”


Publication date: 2022 


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The Companion Book

The nonfiction companion book to Exile in the Light supports the novel with a three-tier examination of the evidence the novel showcases: part journalistic inquiry, part personal memoir of a thirty-year investigation into the Mystery of Auvers, part transcripts of never-disclosed witness testimony. The book was designed to give special credibility to, and extra information about, the detective story of the novel; but it can stand alone as a unique experiment in biography and one of the most unusual and original entries in the vast cannon of books about the life and legend of Vincent van Gogh.

 Publication date: 2022

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